The SHÛBANSEN Philosophy

SHÛBANSEN is more than just a word. It is a way of thinking, a way of life towards the balance of body and mind. It represents determined people fighting for their dreams and ideals. RED NAVEL is a brutal composition of artists who are characterized by their independent and creative styles.

Our work

Our first aim was to create new methodologies for learning japanese writing in the French book market.

Our second goal was to propose an easier japanese, based on the comprehension, the codes and the pedagogy of Kanji (Chinese characters used in the japanese language) and Kana (the two japanese alphabets) by the connection with new means of memorization: mnemonic sketches.

As you can see, our objective is simple and concise: to continue creating new educational and fun content for all ages and to unlock learning.

We are also working on several innovative projects (books, novels, games) around the culture of martial arts, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Asia. We are open to the collaboration of artists of various styles: martial artists, painters, musicians, developers, illustrators, mangaka.

We take care to manage each step of the creation process of our products.

Affiliated partners

MUTEKI is the radio show from Lyon on the news of Japan, music, interviews, sports...
Every saturday at 10am on RADIO CANUT 102.2FM~

Kei-Atelier is an online store for newborns, girls and boys.
Its speciality? The knowledge of a young talented Japanese woman combined with the quality of Japanese and French materials for a superb result. You can contact Keï on her website or her facebook page for a possible order.

artiste japonais léo yamada

Leo Yamada is a talented painter artist from Yamanashi, Japan. He expresses his talent on canvas and through the creation of accessories of a rare refinement. His works are a sweet mix of Japanese art and his experiences in France.
You can reach Leo on his website or his facebook page for a possible order.

goo ltd maya naruse raphael leboucher

Goo Ltd is a design studio from Lyon founded by artists Maya Naruse and Raphael Leboucher. Together, they merge their talents to propose unique illustrations around Japan and its culture. Their project むこう (Là-bas) propose more than 80 illustrations, a new one emerging every week. Find all the new creations of Goo Ltd on their official website and social networks.